Why does an infant stopped crying after abusive caregiver shakes infant?

child, boy, portrait @ Pixabay

We often hear about the horrific abuse that can happen to infants. But what if an infant stops crying when shaken?

What does that mean for her future?

Is she destined to be a victim of abuse, too? This blog post will explore why it is possible for an infant to stop crying when they are shaken and how this could affect them later in life. In the case of an abusive caregiver, they shake a crying infant to get her to stop.

baby, boy, portrait @ Pixabay

The shaking often stops the behavior and can be seen as a form of punishment for not doing what is expected. Sometimes it also results in behavioral training or conditioning that could lead to future abuse. When children are abused by those who care for them (parents, grandparents), they become conditioned and learned helplessness sets in which makes them more vulnerable later on when someone tries to help them but their reaction then reinforces learned self-reliance where there isn’t any protection from abuse because one doesn’t know how despite knowing something bad will happen.

The article goes into depth about learning mechanisms that infants have when being shaken so readers can learn better ways.


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