American neutrality was tested when this county was attacked in the 1930s?

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The 1930s were a difficult time for the American people. The Great Depression had led to widespread unemployment and hunger, poverty was rampant, and the nation was in an economic crisis. It was also a time of political uncertainty as Franklin D. Roosevelt fought his way into power with promises of change that would bring prosperity back to America.

One such act on FDR’s agenda?

Helping those Americans who wanted nothing more than to be left alone from foreign aggression by declaring American neutrality in all conflicts across the globe. This stance seemed well-intentioned enough but it soon became clear that this decision came at a price.

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Howard County, Maryland was attacked in 1931. Tank warfare had never been seen before and this event marked Americans first experience with the horrors of war at home. The Howard County residents were terrified by what they saw but their fears soon turned to anger when many began to question why America wasn’t doing anything for them?

They felt abandoned by their government as FDR focused his attention on other parts of the world where he thought American interests lay. How much longer could these people put up with an administration that did nothing for them while seemingly abandoning its responsibilities as a nation? And why would Roosevelt want peace abroad if it meant giving up control over its own homeland? The conflict between foreign policy and domestic concerns became impossible during 1932-33.


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