american imperialists who advocated acquisition of the philippines especially stressed,

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The Americans had been advocating for the acquisition of the Philippines as early as 1898. This is largely due to American imperialists who believed that acquiring this colony would be beneficial in a number of ways, such as providing markets for their products and an opportunity to extend their influence around the world. These imperialists emphasized several key points when making these arguments, including how America could help uplift Filipinos from poverty through efforts like building schools and hospitals. Some of these arguments can be seen in the words of Secretary Root, who said that “The Philippines are ours forever. The American flag flies above them.” This quote demonstrates how imperialists were interested in making claims for ownership and control over other countries around the world. Another example is when Admiral Dewey proclaimed to Filipinos during a victory speech: “You shall have your independence and freedom as Americans.” These two examples demonstrate different ways imperialism was framed by both advocates and opponents at this time period.


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