american hoggers cast where are they now,

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In the early 200s, American Hoggers was one of the most popular reality TV shows on television. The show followed a group of people who worked at an alligator farm in Florida and their lives as they kept these wild creatures in captivity. This article looks back on where some of the cast members are now and what they’re doing with their lives since being a part of this iconic series. *Doug Anderson: Doug has been an alligator farm worker since the show originally aired. In his spare time, he’s a fisherman and hunter who also operates two businesses in Florida.*Cheryl Wilson: Cheryl was a gator wrangler on American Hoggers whose job it was to wrestle these creatures into submission when they became agitated. She now heads up her own hunting business that offers tours of different wild game animals such as deer, wild boar, bear, and more.*Pamela Smith: Pamela ran the office staff at the hog house so she wasn’t out on adventures with other members of the cast every day like some others were. Nowadays she works for Southern Wildlife Services doing environmental clean-up work around wetlands and


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