american gods who do you worship,

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There are many gods in the world, and they all have different powers. Some gods grant fortune and happiness. Others promise safety from harm. You may already know who your god is, but if you don’t, then this blog post will teach you how to choose a god to worship! The first step to choosing your god is asking yourself what you want from them. Like most gods, they have their own specialties and are better at granting some things than others. For example: if you’re looking for a good harvest this year then maybe Askjal the Farmer would be best; but if you need protection against misfortune then choose Dyarisch the Protector! Now that we’ve decided on who our god should be, it’s time to research what rituals one can do in order to please them. Some people offer prayers or sacrifices while other say certain incantations or read passages of scripture as these offerings. Regardless of which ritual one chooses, all offering must remain pleasing so keep that in mind when deciding how much


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