ambrosia how much i feel

trump, president, uncle sam @ Pixabay

Hi, my name is Ambrosia and I am a sensitive soul.

trump, president, uncle sam @ Pixabay

It seems like ever since the election of Donald Trump as president, I can’t stop feeling things. And now that we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day it feels like everyone has become so cynical about love in general. But here are some tips to help you feel less anxious this Valentine’s Day!

– Remember that love is a spectrum. It’s not all roses and chocolates, but it also doesn’t equate to one person being the boss of another (which can be an issue for people in relationships). Find what works best for you!

– Try not to take things too personally. One way I’ve been able to better manage my anxiety has been by trying not to take life so seriously anymore–especially when it comes down to other peoples’ annoyances with me! If they don’t like how sensitive I am then maybe we’re just incompatible anyway and there’s no point wasting your time on them if their happiness means more than yours. And even if they are worth the effort, sometimes taking time away from someone else


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