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Amanda Perez is a popular blogger who has been publishing articles for over 14 years. Her blog posts cover a variety of topics that are relevant to her readers and she is always willing to answer questions from commenters in the comment section below each post. She also runs several social media accounts that help connect with other bloggers, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs.

office, business, men @ Pixabay

Amanda’s blog was named one of the top 500 blogs by Forbes magazine in 2011. I love Amanda’s blog because she is incredibly knowledgeable on a variety of topics. Her posts are always easy to read and informative with an occasional dose of humor thrown in for good measure! I also enjoy reading her social media accounts as they provide me with some much-needed inspiration during the week. Benefits: tons of knowledge, great content, inspiring quotes, relevant information; connects readers or helpful resources online Challenges: sometimes long wait times before articles get published (but worth it!) Award-winning Blogger since 2006 !! 14 years running !! Named one of Forbes’ top 500 blogs!! She won the “Best DIY” award from Home & Garden Magazine 2011! Featured in House Beautiful magazine 2008, The New York


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