Am I Lonely?

A film by Léon Mastik and Joost Scheffers

“When I look around now, everything is beautiful. I’m happy, I have a wonderful girlfriend and I never felt as content as I do right now. I live a careless life. But when I think about it, I have a lot of questions. I feel afraid. I’m going to face the busiest times in my life, standing at a point at which I must say goodbye to a lot that I really appreciate. Soon, I’ll be finished with my study and will never come back to the place where I met so many friends in the past years. How many of those friends will I keep? I’m leaving my parents’ house and I’m going to move in with my girlfriend. Do I trap myself by doing that? I must earn money. Will that drive consume everything I do? Will I have time for anything else? I’m afraid of all these changes. I saw my grandmother getting lonely when my grandfather passed away. She had no one left. Will I be lonely as well?”

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