always know where you are chords,

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This is a blog post about an opening song for the new album by Marianas Trench. It talks about how this song has been played at their concerts and what it means to them. Keywords: Marianas Trench, music, concert, lyrics, The lyric, “I’ll be there for you” is repeated throughout the song which reminds listeners of how much they need to stay in touch with friends and family who are living far away.

musician, country song, banjo @ Pixabay


The melody itself has a very soft sound that makes it more mellow than their other songs on this album. In conclusion, this song demonstrates many different elements of Marianas Trench’s music but still retains the catchy-ness we’ve come to love about them. It also touches base with what matters most at the end: being present so people know where they stand. Wherever you may go or wherever your mind takes you – always remember that home will always be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to return.” Keywords


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