alvin and the chipmunks what does the fox say,

squirrel, chipmunk, rodent @ Pixabay

I’m a big fan of the Jonas Brothers — they’re cool and all, but I have to admit that The Fox is my favorite song of theirs. When you first hear it, you might not think it’s anything special. But after listening to it over and over again, its genius becomes clear! It sounds like there are three different people singing on this one track: Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas. And if you look at the lyrics closely enough (you can find them here), then what seems like just an innocent song about a fox turns into something much more interesting.. As soon as the song starts, you can tell that it’s going to be about a fox. “What does the [redacted] say?” Nick asks with an air of excitement in his voice. He seems to know what he wants to hear from this animal — but is he disappointed when we find out? Not at all! What was expected to be just another silly kids’ song turns into something much deeper, once Joe Jonas chimes in: “Something I cannot say.” And then Kevin Jonas joins him and sings: “.. But somethin’ ’bout a bobcat sounds right!” Ah-ha! So these guys are talking less about animals than they are people (or maybe even themselves). The last line says it best


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