aluminum trash can,

alone, 3d, aluminum @ Pixabay

The toughest trash can on the market. Made with a solid aluminum frame, this is the only heavy duty trash can you will need to buy. Each can comes with a lid that flips open and closed for easy disposal of waste, and has a built-in handle for easy transport. The leak proof design makes for less mess in your home or office space. In the kitchen, this can is perfect for collecting food scraps and other recyclables. In your office or garage, you can use it to store paper waste that would normally be thrown in the trash. The heavy duty design means there’s no need to worry about damage from rough handling or accidents – just make sure you don’t put sharp objects inside! The only downside of this product is its size; at 16 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 17 inches high, these cans are not ideal for every space. Consider whether a smaller trashcan might work better with your decor before purchasing one of these monsters! Weighing less than 15 pounds without items inside, each steel frame comes fully assembled and ready to go out


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