alternate forms of the same gene are called,

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It’s a common misconception that all words with the same meaning are spelled the same. In fact, there are many words in English which have two or more spellings, each of which is pronounced differently and has its own definition. For example: “account” can be either (1) an itemized statement of money owed and paid; or (2) to believe something is true without having proof. The word “account” is spelled as two different words, and which spelling to use in a sentence depends on what definition of the word you are using. In the first example, we mean (itemized statement) so it’s written as one word: account. In this case, there’s no need for an apostrophe because the letters that follow show where each part begins and ends. However if we were writing about believing something without proof then it would be spelled with an apostrophe – ‘an account’. Another common variant of this type is “already”, meaning already done; or “all ready,” meaning prepared beforehand. One other way people sometimes misspell multi-syllabic words is by adding letters


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