almost is never enough chords,

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When I first started writing songs, I was never satisfied with the outcome. Every time that I played a song on guitar or piano, it felt like there was something missing. It took me years to figure out what that “something” is: melody and chords! In this blog post, we will explore how melodies and chords can take your music from being just okay to being amazing – without you having to change anything else! – Chords are a progression of two or more notes that can be played together. The melody is the “top note” and it usually tells you what chord to play next. Let’s take a look at an example: * G major (G, B) – C sharp minor (C, D, E) The first chord (G Major) has three notes – G, B and also A which makes up the fourth note in this particular key signature! This means we could make any other chords with just these four tones by adding either F sharp as our fifth tone or D flat for our sixth tone in order to keep within the same key. For example: Searching through your instrumentation? You might not


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