Almost Free

Almost Free

A documentary by Anne Slegten and Merel Driessen (Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Almost Free is a documentary about an ex-prisoner, named Cliff. He had sat in jail for nine months because of a fight. Four years ago he came out of jail, but still he doesn’t completely feel free. Our documentary is about a man who has changed his life because of his months in jail.

Before Cliff was caught, he lived a pretty good life. He had a house and he had a job. But he also had friends who didn’t have these things and were doing business that weren’t normal. One night he thought he was doing something good for a friend, but he ended up in a fight. Because of that fight Cliff was caught and got into jail. In the nine months he sat there, he lost his job and his house. He realized he had to change his life and leave some of his old friends behind to never get back in jail again.

This documentary tells the personal story of an ex-prisoner and how he changed because of his time in jail. It’s about his motivation to get back in society and achieve his dreams. Almost Free isn’t only about Cliff, but about all those ex-prisoners who want to get rid of their mark as ex-prisoner and be a full member of society again. 

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