allow extra space in front of your vehicle when following a,

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Do you know what a “buffer zone” is? As it turns out, this term means more than just the space between two cars. A buffer zone can also be defined as any area that separates one object from another or acts as a barrier for protection. It’s important to remember that when driving on the roadways of America, there are many barriers that should not be breached: ditches, fences, curbs, and even other vehicles! In our blog post today we will discuss six reasons why you should leave plenty of space in front of your vehicle so that you don’t end up crashing into an obstacle because you were too close! 6 Reasons Why You Should Leave Plenty of Space in Front Your Vehicle * You should always leave plenty of room in front of your vehicle to avoid crashing into anything. * When following a car, it’s best to leave about three feet so that you don’t become the victim if someone suddenly stops for any reason! * If you’re driving and there is no one around, remember this rule: go an extra five miles per hour when traveling on highways or interstates with straight-aways because other drivers might catch up from behind quickly. * Always be aware of what’s going on at intersections–you never know what could happen because people are unpredictable! That also goes for being stuck behind a slow driver who won’t move over even after many cars have passed them by —


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