Alliances are considered essential in countries where?

new york, empire state building, us @ Pixabay

The history of the world has been shaped by alliances. From the time that countries were formed, they have sought out allies to help protect themselves from enemies and expand their empires.

new york, empire state building, us @ Pixabay

The United States is a prime example of this with its NATO alliance, which it entered into in 1949. When we think about alliances today, many people believe that they are an antiquated institution that is no longer needed in this globalized world.

This could not be further from the truth! In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider forming an alliance right now for your country or business: 1) They provide increased security; 2) They increase trade opportunities; 3) They promote diplomatic relations between countries; 4) It can lead to mutual defense agreements; and. Activity: Next, we will learn about the different types of alliances. Stay tuned!


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