Alleluia he is risen?

easter bunny, rabbit, figurines @ Pixabay

Easter is one of the most important celebrations of the Christian faith, and it’s no coincidence that it falls on a Sunday. Christians all over the world will gather to celebrate Jesus Christ, who rose from death three days after his crucifixion. In order to understand Easter better, we need to take a look at what happened in Jerusalem 200 years ago..

bunny, hare, rabbit @ Pixabay

The church bells rang and the people of Jerusalem danced down the street. The Roman soldiers looked on in confusion as they were unable to understand what was happening.

They had been told that Jesus Christ, their enemy would die just like any other prisoner but here he was standing before them alive and well! What could this mean? Surely such a thing couldn’t happen?

This week’s Gospel passage for Easter is one you can read in full below: Alleluia, alleluia! For truly He who has risen from among these dead shall never die again; death no longer is master over Him. Alleluia! Remember when we went away into Egypt because of the famine, your ancestors came down and lived


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