Allbritton singers where are they now?

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What is your favorite Allbritton Singer song? Is it “Girl on the Moon”? What about “She’s Got You”? Were you a fan of their most popular album, “The Allbritton Brothers Sing?”

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The four brothers who are now known as the Allbritton Singers have been singing since they were kids. Find out more about them below! -The Allbritton Singers, originally known as the Allbritton Brothers, are a Canadian country group.


The four brothers were born in Calgary and raised on their family farm near Nanton, Alberta with two sisters who are not singers. Let’s take a look at each of them! -Kelton is the oldest brother and has been singing since he was just six years old.

Kelton is also an accomplished guitarist who can play more than 15 different instruments! He even wrote his own tune for “Rise,” which is about overcoming obstacles to get what you want most out of life. His favorite food? Chili cheese dogs from Sonic Drive In – yum! -Steven started playing guitar when he was


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