All you can eat Shabu near me!

shabu shabu, shabu bar, restaurant @ Pixabay

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish that consists of thin slices of raw beef and vegetables boiled in water.

The word Shabu means ‘swish’ and the word Shabu-shabu refers to the act of swishing the food around with chopsticks in a pot or hotpot. Japanese restaurants are not always easy to find, so we have compiled this list for you!

shabu, shabu shabu, japanese @ Pixabay

Panda Restaurant – Plenty of food options!

Sushi Yama- The best sushi in town! Tokyo Cafe & Sushi House – Great for dinner with friends or family. Matsuri Japanese Steakhouse and Barbecue (Avondale) – Enjoy a delicious meal while being entertained by the chef during your dining experience.

They also have plenty of vegetarian options available which is nice to see from a steak house, because not everyone eats meat.

Shabu King (Browns Plains) – If you want an authentic shabu experience this restaurant will be perfect for you! ​Their signature dish is their beef rib-eye steaks that are sure.


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