All you can eat catfish.

salmon, fish, seafood @ Pixabay

Hello! My name is Jerry and I’m here to tell you about the all-you-can-eat catfish feast that I recently had. It was a pretty amazing experience because they really have a lot of different types of catfish dishes there.

For example, one dish was “Fried Catfish with Cajun Spices.” Another one was “Grilled Catfish on Tomato Basil Salsa.” There were also versions with grits or macaroni and cheese too. And this place has it all for $5 per person! I don’t know about you, but I can get really hungry sometimes.

salmon, fish, seafood @ Pixabay

If that’s the case and I want to go out with my buddies for a good meal without breaking the bank too much, then this is definitely where I’m going! The only thing is – it gets pretty crowded at night so try to make reservations ahead of time if possible. But other than that one caveat, they had more catfish than anyone could eat in just one sitting (seriously). So give them a visit soon.


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