All women are queens.

Women are queens. This is a lamentation for the women who have been told they are not worthy, and it’s also a celebration of all the things that make them great. There is a Queen in us all. Some of the things that make women great are also what makes them vulnerable.

Women carry children and nurture their young, so they have to be careful not to do anything too strenuous or else risk birth complications, but there’s an upside: They get to enjoy the miracle of life as well! They can feel fulfilled by being a teacher for their little ones or nurturing other people through cooking or caring professions like nursing.

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Some may find fulfillment in pursuing academic careers and scientific research despite often-steeper hurdles than men face on these paths because society doesn’t always believe girls should study math just as much as boys should-women who excel at engineering tend to leave academia soon after receiving degrees because it

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