A documentary by Imke Renee Slump and Iris Wijngaarde (Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Koen hunts. Not everyone can appreciate that. Despite criticism and discussion, Koen wants more openness in the hunting world. For six months Imke and Iris followed the Dutch hunter Koen (24). He spots, shoots, butchers and prepares wild animals. 

Hunting in the Netherlands has been in the news a lot. The Oostvaardersplassen in particular, dominated the reporting last year. The discussion about hunting made Imke and Iris curious. The longer they talked about it, the more questions they got. “Why do we still have to hunt in the Netherlands? Isn’t it a bit outdated? What exactly does a hunter do? And.. Can you love and shoot an animal at the same time?” 

They decided to give hunter Koen a call. He caught their attention with his popular hunting account on Instagram.