Afro Bros – Road to Success

A documentary by Ferhat Gökdemir and Emal Ziai (Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands)

This documentary tells the story of the Afro Bros. The viewer will get a look behind the scenes, the dj’s will tell the story about their road to success, and also take a glimpse in their personal lives. Something that they usually wouldn’t share.
What most people do not know is that the Afro Bros consist out of 4 cousins; Giordano, Rashid, Sergio en Sharif.  Rashid and Giordano are the dj-duo with Sharif as a producer and Sergio as their tour manager. Even though they are different from one another they work together perfectly when it comes down to making music.
The four of them grew up in a deprived neighbourhood in Arnhem. Because of that they never had much. They used to call themselves ‘street rascals’. Thats what makes their story special: they had so little but they’ve made something big out of themselves. Despite their huge evergrowing international success, they’ve never change.