5 Reasons to Use Video in Slideshow

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When you are delivering a presentation, it may become monotonous for both you and your audience after a certain point. Wouldn’t it be better for something to convey what you want to say in a much quicker, simpler, and more engaging manner in such a situation?

In such situations, using a relevant video in the slideshow will most definitely do the trick.

Video slideshows have been gaining popularity in the recent past since they instantly grab the audience’s attention. A video slideshow will be far more engaging than the usual photo slideshows with the perfect blend of animation, special effects, and background music.

Using videos in the slideshow presentations makes it more impactful to the target audience. It efficiently conveys the point that you want to make appealingly. When you are presenting in front of a group of people using photo slideshows, there can be a lot of factors that may impact your overall presentation performance. Your job is made more accessible by including videos in your slideshow presentation. Do you want to know how?

The following blog articulates the top 5 reasons you should use videos in your slideshow presentation.

Let’s face it; sometimes presentations may be boring. When you include a video in your slideshow, it can benefit you several ways. Your audience will get to watch something instead of listening to you talk. This will initiate healthy discussions as well.

Moreover, it also gives you a break from the talking and the explaining. In the meantime, you can revise your notes and start preparing for the follow-up Question-Answer round.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should use videos in your slideshows:

#1. Breaks the monotony

The first and foremost reason you should be using videos in your slideshows is to break the monotony. When you are delivering a presentation and constantly speaking, after a point, it becomes monotonous. This may result in you losing the attention of your audience.

Both you and your audience need a break from the speech. This is where you can be creative and insert a video in your slideshow. This will grab the audience’s attention and ease up the understanding process.

You can convey your message faster by using videos in the slideshow. Videos are a concrete collaboration of images that will fast-track the delivery of your presentation in a fun and exciting fashion.

Along with this, if you make a video slideshow, then your viewers will engage more with it. It also means that your viewers will retain the information better if they are shown the points appealingly and memorably.

#2. Connects with the audiences

When presenting your slideshow, you need to craft a story that evokes emotions. This is actualized with the help of a relevant video in the slideshow. An emotive inclusion in a presentation has a positive impact on the overall decision intent of the audience.

When you tell a story with the help of a video in your presentation, it instantly gains the audience’s undivided attention. This also enhances the overall experience of the audience and the presenter.

When you include a video in the slideshow, you will notice how effortlessly it conveys your point to the audience. This also provokes an emotional connection with your audience that eventually works in your favor.

Presentation is a visual aid to make your message stand out for itself. Inserting a video in the slideshow only streamlines the process. It improves audience engagement and instigates healthy discussions. Hence, video slideshows are a powerful instrument to hit it off with the audience with a refreshing approach.

#3. Enhances decision intent

When you are presenting a slideshow, you have an objective in mind. This may be related to sales, statistics, making a point, or simply delivering a message. What is expected in all of this is the decision intent of the audience. In most cases, you aim to stick to convince the viewers. To make this process easier, use videos in your slideshow presentation.

When presenting, make sure that your audience is hooked on what you are saying. Videos make it possible by giving them a break from your points’ textual or imagery representation. This appeals more to the audience and highly influences their decision intent.

Moreover, when you use videos to transmit your message, you subtly exercise your persuasive skills. They evoke emotional connection in the audience, who will readily make their decisions in your favor.

Hence, a video slideshow is a practical modern instrument that enhances the overall experience.

#4. Alters the atmosphere

Talking of enhancing the experience, the atmosphere of the presentation also plays a crucial role in it. This can be altered with the inclusion of a video in your slideshow.

Imagine you are presenting, and you can see that some people are losing interest as you continue speaking. It will be demotivating for you and bring down your spirit. It will hamper your overall performance.

To prevent that from happening, alter the dull atmosphere of the presentation venue by using a stimulating video in the slideshow. It adds drama to your narrative and instantly energizes the atmosphere. It also serves as a mood booster for the audience.

So, why not make it more enjoyable with a catchy and quirky video?

#5. Makes the presentation much easier

Lastly, a video makes your job easier and simpler. It helps you promote your vision engagingly and effortlessly instills relevant issues in the presentation. It also comprehensively captures the essence of the presentation.

Moreover, it gives you more confidence in your ideas as you see your audience lively and engaging with your presentation.


Overall, inserting a video slideshow in your presentation will be highly beneficial. However, keep in mind that the video isn’t too long. Try to keep it short and simple, add subtitles, and ensure it aligns with your overall presentation. In the end, all you need to do is be creative.

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