Breaking Borders wins CampusDoc FilmFestival 2017

Utrecht – Breaking Borders is the winner of the seventh CampusDoc Filmfestival. The twenty minute documentary was made by Fatima Warsame and Barbara Vollebregt. The film tells the story of a gay refugee named Ibrahim, who changes his life to help other LHBTIQ refugees in Europe.

The festival was a great success, and films from all over the world were shown throughout the weekend.

The winning movie deserved first place because of Ibrahim’s brave story. Jury president Jan van Galen remarked, “This is a moving and beautiful story. It’s very brave to provide the help you once needed yourself.”

The festival was sold out on Sunday when the competing CampusDoc movies were shown. The sun was shining outside the Louis Hartloper theatre as visitors were enjoying the ten movies made by students of the Utrecht School of Journalism.

CampusDoc Film festival is an annual festival during which documentaries of new filmmakers are shown. The festival has grown more popular every year. It’s part of the CampusDoc honors program of the Utrecht School of Journalism, and it has become such a success that the honors class will be transformed into a semester-long minor in 2018.

“I don’t consider these films as just student productions. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the movies, and they still improve every year. We’ve attracted some new tutors, especially in the field of audio production, and old participants of the program were very engaged with the current students,” said head of the program John Driedonks.

Driedonks thinks the program will keep improving. From next year on, students from around the world will be able to sign up for the CampusDoc program, which will stimulate students to do their best. “I’m very proud of the movies that were shown today, and I’m already very excited for next year,” he said.

All documentaries are now available online at